To be informed about availability for meals or room
please click on
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Opening and reception :
On reservation in advance



From 1 to 28 people

you can reserve

 from Thursday to Monday

coming between 12:30 et 13:00


For the weekend of the sale of wines of The Hospices, November 18-20th, we shall open for 4 services on 2 days, from Saturday for lunch to Sunday for dinner. Under conditions that the schedules of arrival are respected.

From 10 to 28 people

you can also reserve on


(according with the farm work 


coming between12:30 et 13:00

50€/person without drinks.
(from september the 1st of 2015)
Only one menu.
we breed poultry but also porks and lambs
wines from 25 € per bottle
In front of the increase of the not honored and not cancelled reservations, we apologize to our clientele but we have to take more important measures of guarantee not to prepare goods for absolutely nothing, the wasting is not the way of functioning of our establishment as we are breeding our products on many months.
Thank you for your understanding

read the following conditions of reservation

Bed and Breakfast: CLOSED ON DECEMBER 2015

Reservation conditions
Once your reservation has been accepted we will ask you for Paypal transfer*. i can send you a link if you don't have a Paypal account (Paypal account is not necessary to pay with Paypal). It allows you to use your credit card without telling us your numbers and codes, but if you don't care i can use your credit card too.
You can make bank transfer** from your part if you prefer, i will give you necessary numbers

We'll ask you for

MEALS reservation
open on tuesday only 
from 10 people

from 1 to 24 people for lunch
conditions are for every reservation from 1 to 28 people
 a money transfer* ** as confirmation: deposit
50€ x number of people, from september the 1st 2015
In case of Cancellation by you, we'll send you a number
Cancellation Before 8 days before the date
(15j for theVente des Vins des Hospices, auberge privatization and over 13people reservation)

Cancellation In the 8 days before the date,
(15j pour la Vente des Vins des Hospices, Auberge privatization and over 13cvrts reservation)

Cancellation by US

Paypal commission is due by you.
During only 2 months after the first transaction, refunding is free from commission, in case of refunding after 2 months the commission is applied by Paypal, so you will pay it.
Thank you for your understanding.

To pay the deposit equals for acceptance of these conditions.

Before clicking on the "send" button,please be sure you have informed out all of the dates, lunch or "dîner"if necessary, number of people,
allergies(chicken is not the only meat we cook, we also breed porks and lambs),
cell phone number.
clic on CONTACT to email us.
Just one room to rent!